Sweet and Sour Chicken

Oh me, oh my!!!  A friend pinned (on Pinterest) a delicious looking recipe for sweet and sour chicken.  When I clicked the link, I discovered another wonderful food blog!  I thought my SuperHero wasn’t a fan of fried rice (the recipe that accompanies the sweet and sour chicken) but was surprised to hear that he does like it, so next time I’m just going to make the chicken and fried rice.  Tonight we had plain rice and mixed vegetables with the chicken.  Now, since I already said this was found on another wonderful food blog, rather than typing it out, I’m going to send you (via a link) over there because she also posted some wonderful pictures to help you with the process (I didn’t, making my chicken a much longer process…..don’t ask…..just do as she says.  And now, off you go to Life as a Lofthouse


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