Beer Pancakes

Did that title catch your attention like it did mine, the first time I saw it? I love trying crazy, new things, so of course I had to try this. I was looking for yummy recipes to take on our camping trip. I had planned to make my own pancake mix (where you would then add the eggs and milk and oil when you were ready to cook them) but seeing this recipe, I eagerly went and bought store bought pancake mix! And hubby had bought some raspberry beer, which was AMAZING in this, as there was a slight raspberry taste

Pancake mix (the kind that only requires the addition of water)

Simply follow the instructions on the package substituting the beer (or soda) for the water. That’s it! So simple! And so yummy! Really does taste like buttermilk pancakes!

(For my Mormon friends and any others who don’t use alcohol, you can actually make this with soda as well, I just think using beer for breakfast is funny and it tastes so yummy!!)

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