Once upon a time, long, long ago and far away, I was put into a 4H club to learn cooking and sewing skills.  At that time I was such a tom-boy and wanted NOTHING to do with cooking or sewing.  I’m sure I gave my leader, Mrs. Knight, a rough time of it.  As a group, we had to make an entire meal to enter into the 4H fair.  My part was simply to make the garlic bread…..gasp!!  How the heck do you make garlic bread??  WHY do you make garlic bread?  Who really cares about garlic bread??  Well….you get my point.  It was the same with the sewing, too…I didn’t want anything to do with it, even when I won “alternate” at a fashion show (where I had to model an outfit a made….a reversible denim skirt with a vest and kerchief to match!  yeah, I did that)

ANYWAY….all that to say, I have NOT always been the cook that many of you know and love today!  Seriously, when I had a “dinner party” at my apartment several months before I got married, I served boxed mac and cheese and hotdogs.  Granted, the guests were my family, but my youngest sister did convince her new husband to stop by Burger King first to fill up on real food!  LOL  After our marriage in Dec. 1993, I think my husband and I kept the mac and cheese companies in business our first year of marriage!  I “fancied it up” by sprinkling some Mrs. Dash into it!  But after a while, and ending up being put on partial bed rest with my first born (who is now 16), I got tired of hearing my SuperHero (husband) constantly tell me how great his mother’s cooking was.  And he even said I wasn’t a real Jajliardo until I mastered making cinnamon rolls!

Fast forward to today, and I’m now doing catering every now and then, love to “play with my food” by tweaking recipes a bit.  I love trying new recipes, and the odder they seem, the better.  My SuperHero is still my biggest food critic, so if it passes his muster, you know it’s gotta be good.  Most of the recipes in this blog are not my own (although I will throw in my own “tweaks” to these recipes so you can either follow the recipe or follow my quirkiness).  I hope you enjoy!!  And I love to have comments if you try a recipe….what do you/your family/ guests think about it?

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